Friday, February 4, 2011


Lets see them!

Mr. J


  1. going to try to get my pulling better and make taller things.
    2.Im going to work on my glazing and experment with new colors also going to be working on my shaping. also going to try to learn how to stack also going to try to help as much as possible

  2. 1.taller wheel pieces and not so thin
    2.i also want to work on the foot and trimming them
    3.i need to work on my glazes and not letting them mix as much or finding ones that mix well
    4.makeing the top even in height and thickness
    5.takeing my time

  3. 1: Throw = smoother surfaces with fewer lines
    2: To have thicker depths in the clay when thrown
    3: Vases and their curviness:no rips or tears or hole
    4: Glaze: coverage and smoothness and thinner layers
    5: Evenness/smoothness

  4. 1. Throwing

    I feel like throwing is the hardest step in making your pot. It doesn't magically appear after spinning the wheel for 5 miinutes like how I've imagined it all these years. I learned that the hard way... there's much more to throwing than just slapping the clay onto the wheel and BAM there's a pot! Centering alone is really hard in itself not to mention the pulling and finally shaping of the clay to get it in the proper shape that you want it to be. I want to at least be able to center right by the end of this semester.

    2. Slip and Scoring

    From what I have learned from my previous experience in ceramics is that slipping and scoring is and contributes greatly to your final product. Just like throwing or hand-building if you don't apply enough slip or you don't smooth out properly then your pottery piece will end up cracking. I want to make my pot not crack.

    3. Slab Making

    I could never roll out proper slabs, having one side thicker than the other or one side smaller than the other. My goal is to be able to roll out proper slabs, even in every aspect of the clay. These slabs would help me form the proper shape needed for my pottery.

    4. Carving

    I think that everybody has always had many creative ideas for whatever project that they have going on but we can never fulfill our idea 100%. There will always be some minor or big mistake that will cause the person to mess up and their whole image of perfection for the piece shatters. I hope that I will be able to grow and improve in my carving. I want to be able to make it as close as possible to the image that I have of it in my head. Not every aspect of the carving will be like how I want it to turn out but if there is 2 out of 5 points that I like out of my piece then I will be happy.

    5. Shaping/Glazing

    Whether its shaping on the wheel or by hand I want my circle to form a circle, not an oval. Or rectangle, or whatever else deformed shape that it may form. A circle should look like a circle no matter what. As for glazing, there is an art to it and even though I have no idea what that is I still want to at least be able to glaze evenly; also choosing the right colors for glazing.

  5. 1) Rakuing : I have no idea whow to raku but i know its a firing process and i am interested in learning a new style to firing.

    2)One thing i need to work on is making sets of things such as mugs or bowls to have in the kitchen or something :)

    3) My third focus is just height. Plain and simple, i wanbt to throw more verticle pieces.

    4) Glazing is one my weakest aspects to ceramics. I want to learn how to make a desired texture or color of a glaze.

    5) Lastly i want to learn how to trim more professionally, to make my pieces look more finished.

  6. 1. Create a variety of thrown shapes.
    2. Build an architectural structure using any technique.
    3. Develope a style.
    4. Create a piece by subtracting from a block of clay.
    5. Research other artists and talk about them on the blog.

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  8. 1. Realism- Take time to make features more realistic and proportional

    2. Structure- Make the overall structure less breakable

    3. Size- Work on making things bigger and sturdier

    4. Glaze- Use it more creativly and add detail

    5. Shape- Cleaner details and creative placement

  9. 1. Form- working on sculpture, free-standing
    2. Glazing- even, details, creating colors
    3. Masks- abstract and realistic, hangable
    4. Throwing- work on technique and trimming
    5. Combining Throwing and hand building

  10. You all have great ideas and I think you all have given yourself great goals! Remember to try and break them down and only do one at a time. Doing all 5 at the same time is daunting!

    I am lucky to have al of you in here!

  11. selling my art workwork online or at local galleries
    2. shaping working more ongiving the outside of my pots more shape
    3. vases. being able to make more of a vase form
    4. greating different glazes. leaning how to mix glasses to make new glazes
    5.making more peices. making bigger and better peices and making more of them

  12. 5. making my peices look more finished

  13. Here are my goals!

    1. Be able to pull clay thinner so then I can fire it in that really hot kiln we were talking about in class!
    2. Be able to make a set of bowls that are identical!
    3. Hand build a lantern -- I am usually not patient enough to make them!
    4. Trimming - I am terrible at trimming which probably is why I don't usually trim my pots. But, they will look more professional if I trim them.
    5. Throw something taller than a foot tall!